5 thoughts on “How To Make Sure Your Instagram Posts Are Visually Appealing

  1. Your video was filmed so professionally, very impressive! Lighting is indeed the most important part of a good Instagram pic. I use an app called Afterlight for editing my photos, but I want to download VSCO Cam now. Thanks for the tips!


  2. I really like your topic, because I am a photo novice myself. I don’t even have an Instagram. Thanks for the tips! Very informative and professionally done! I usually take pictures with a white light too, so I know how important lighting can be.
    I also love your choice of subjects. I love HP and books. I have the same Edgar Allan Poe book as you. Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics Collection. I approve. 🙂


  3. I really like the way you filmed the video. Instagram is also one of my favorite social media apps. I love being able to follow anyone and just see what they are up to. Great tips for photos. Lighting does do wonders for photos.


  4. This was so interesting to read.I don’t have an instagram but i do see my friend posting on theirs all the time and they always want to make sure the lighting is right as well as the angle. So this post definitely confirms my crazy friends obsessions with getting the perfect picture. I use VSCO cam also, it’s a great app for pictures. The filters are to die for. This was an awesome read. Keep up the good work!


  5. Your title was what originally drew me in to this post. I love anything with a “How To” title. Buzzfeed has great, simplified “How To” articles for a variety of topics.
    I liked that the tips you shared were unique and specific to your taste. You did a great job with filming your instructional video as well. Adding your Instagram handle to your video was a nice touch. Great job!


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