Author: ariana decastro

Headshots for Zoe Marie ♡

That really awkward moment when you realize a 5-year-old knows how to pose in front of a camera better than you. Meet my baby cousin, Zoe Marie Paman, who’s a natural in front of the camera! Here are a few head shots I took of her:               I love taking photos of children that adore and revere being in front of the camera! I’ve mostly done photoshoots with kids and it’s truly so enjoyable. The confidence they end up exerting in front of the camera once they get comfortable is incomparable. Insecurities don’t exist for them. They just have fun. And I think that’s what really shines in front of the camera.

Preparing For The First Day of College

Well everyone, it’s that time of the year again. The new school year is about to begin and it’s time to get back to the same ol’ routine of doing homework, running to the coffee shop, getting extra espresso shots, and doing some more homework. For those who are just starting college for the first time ever, I decided to share some tips that worked for me (& tips I wish I knew prior) to starting my first day of college! Tip #1: Know where your classes are before the first day. The first day of school can be nerve-racking enough without having to walk in late to a class. Print out your school schedule & print out a campus map. Mark which buildings you need to go to and write what time you need to get there on the map. (My university has a school app for smart phones, but those online maps can get pretty confusing so I opted for the old-school version). I know it may seem pretty lame having a map; …

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before // P.S. I Still Love You: Book Reviews

Let me begin by stating that Jenny Han is a master at making her readers fall in love with her characters. Even characters you think you hate, you’ll find yourself genuinely liking and characteristics that are usually unbearable, you’ll end up liking about a character. It’s killer. (And one of the reasons why this book is such a page-turner). Lara Jean, the protagonist of the story, writes letters to boys that she once loved with no intention of sending them. She writes the letters to essentially give herself closure. Being a letter-writer myself, I immediately felt drawn to the plot and wanted to see where it would go. And let me tell you, it goes. You’ll see Lara Jean grow from the first book to the second. She started off as a homebody who keeps to herself, stays home to read or bake, and spends majority of her time with her two sisters and her widowed father. Until one of the boys she wrote a letter to, Peter Kavinsky, the “It-Guy,” of the school, brings …