Barnes & Noble Black Friday Book Haul 2019

Book shopping is one of the best things on Earth, but book shopping on Black Friday? Now that’s out of this world. For the first time ever, I went Black Friday shopping for books at Barnes & Noble and it was the absolute best. There were so many books and collectibles on sale, plus I had coupons and added discount as a Barnes & Noble member!

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“The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang: Book Review

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“Girls like me intimidate boyfriends away. Girls like me have never been asked out by a single boy. Girls like me have to find their own way, make their own luck. I’ve had to fight for every success in my life, and I’m going to fight for this.” – Stella Lane

This book is the perfect summer read! “The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang is such a heartwarming, quirky, and quick read.

The story is about Stella Lane, a successful math genius with Asperger’s who wants to enjoy dating despite her condition making it difficult to do so, and Michael Phan, an escort she hires to “professionally teach her” a thing or two about how to interact with men. Their time together, however, turns into more than just a business deal.

I love that the main character, Stella, has autism. I think that’s a big reason that a lot of people picked up this book to begin with—it’s definitely why I chose it as my Book of the Month. It was hard to connect with her at first which, in reality, is how it can be with people with autism, so that actually made her character more believable for me. I rooted for her the whole time despite that. I really wanted her to get her happy ending!

Michael is so dreamy! He works as an escort to provide for his family but his real dream is to work in fashion—he’s such a skilled tailor, as you’ll find out in the book. Helen Hoang also gets bonus points for making him Vietnamese and Swedish! I do have to say though, he seemed a little too perfect and too good to be real at times. While he had some deep-rooted flaws from his father’s abandonment, I wanted him to have character flaws that were innate. It would have given him more dynamic as a character.

Despite that, Stella and Michael have an undeniable and uncontrollable chemistry. You can feel their attraction towards each other come off the page. And warning! There are a lot of steamy, intimate scenes in this book, so if you don’t take a liking to that, I would suggest finding another romance novel. I personally didn’t know that it would be an adult romance, but nothing felt forced. The scenes were written very organically and I definitely felt giddy over the progress of their romance throughout the book.

If you want a light, funny, steamy and uplifting read, definitely pick up “The Kiss Quotient.” It’s all about family, dreams, work ethic, and love!

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P.S. There’s a second book about Michael’s cousin, Khai, who also has Asperger’s, called “The Bride Test” which will be coming out May 2019! You can pre-order it here.