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Barnes & Noble Black Friday Book Haul 2019

Book shopping is one of the best things on Earth, but book shopping on Black Friday? Now that’s out of this world. For the first time ever, I went Black Friday shopping for books at Barnes & Noble and it was the absolute best. There were so many books and collectibles on sale, plus I had coupons and added discount as a Barnes & Noble member! Watch my YouTube video below where I show you everything I got for Black Friday! Don’t forget to like and subscribe and drop a comment below so I can subscribe to your channel as well. Till my next haul,

Life is Beautiful Weekend | 2018

Fresh coconuts, good weather, and even better company… Life got a little more beautiful in downtown Vegas last weekend when Life is Beautiful came back to town! The line up was pretty similar to Coachella’s with The Weeknd, Miguel, and Daniel Caesar as a few of the headliners, but the artists were just that good that I had to see them again! Plus, it didn’t hurt that LAUV, T-Pain, Florence + The Machine, Bastille, Arcade Fire and N.E.R.D. were there. Here’s a recap of the weekend! DAY 1 | Park on Fremont, The Weeknd & Daniel Caesar My cousins and I arrived downtown and had a few drinks at the Park on Fremont—a super cozy bar with the nicest ambience and the cutest patio—before heading to the festival. We hung out at Container Park for a few hours and watched local performers beatbox and breakdance, before getting serenaded by Daniel Caesar and ending our night dancing to The Weeknd. DAY 2 | Exploring the festival grounds, N.E.R.D., Miguel, and Florence + The Machine We arrived a …

A New Space for Me — and For You!

Hi, hello! May I just say that it feels so good to be back?! For my new readers, welcome. For my former (and shall I say, loyal) readers, welcome back. This is the new It’s still as colorful and pink as ever. It’s still a bit all over the place (you’ll find recipes, and poetry, and book reviews, and photography, and travel diaries, and skincare tips, and…OK, you get where I’m going here). But I’ll tell you what has changed: Me. I told myself that this blog would be for me. For me to share the genuine “me.” The good, the bad, and the really ugly. And by sharing my truth, my hope is that this blog ends up feeling like it’s for you too. So much growth has happened since my blog launched in 2015. I was still a sophomore in college then and surprisingly had a lot of time on my hands. But that changed. I went through a really difficult creative writing block and I really had no enthusiasm for writing. …